Are electric shavers better for sensitive skin?

electric shaver sensitive skinIn regards to shaving the face, there are usually two ways to go: Using an electric shaver for men, or you may choose a blade, whether it’s a straight razor, reusable pivoting multi-blade shaver, safety razor or the disposable type. Possibilities are, a teen won’t have much of a taste initially, but as the boy matures, he can have more of an opinion on what sort of blade touches his face. Generally, electric razor are better for sensitive skin while there’s no chance for nicks, cuts and/ or razor


    burn. This really doesn’t mean that there’s no annoyance with electric razors, but they’re usually easier on sensitive skin.

Shaving is more than just maintaining your face smooth and fine. It’s a rite of passage for young men entering adolescence. Youthful lads grow up observing their dads and grandfathers shave, and before long, they start to mimic it independently. It’s one of many things that children do to play grownup. Once a boy reaches the age where he has a valid claim to shave, it’s an exciting encounter as well as area of the transition from boy to young man. But, like many grownup things children yearn for, before long, it becomes another tiresome chore. Not many grown men look forward to shaving v effect it can have in the skin. Some people’s skin is more sensitive than many others, but most men at one time or another have felt the bad consequences of shaving on their face. It is sometimes a cut that will not prevent bleeding, other times a negligible rash can break out. Even non sensitive skin will more than likely feel raw for at least several hours after having a tough shave.

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